About SkiMember.com


This website is a labor of love.   It is about performance skiing.... period!

And, yes, it's highly opinionated.  After all... it's my site!

That means you won't be reading about snowboarding, cliff jumping, extreme skiing or any of the "glamorous" fringe elements of skiing.

When the site features racing, it is a means by which to describe or demonstrate a technique or movement pattern as it pertains toward better ski carving or improved performance skiing.

In fact, much of performance skiing is based on racing... so it just makes sense.

SkiMember.com is for the average recreational skier who really wants to improve his or her skiing through sound, bio-mechanical technique as well as the appropriate equipment.

The site does not offer a bunch of options.  The GOAL is to put you on a linear path toward better skiing.

And, YES... that means learning PMTS (primary movements teaching system) offered exclusively by its developer, Harb Ski Systems.