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About Our Apparel and Accessories


At first glance, our HH skier embroidered emblem is so understated it could easily be missed by the untrained eye.  However, to those in the know, this emblem represents an entire subculture of skiers working on a specific technique (PMTS) -- with passion and mutual respect.


The beauty of this silent badge of honor is that it intentionally bypasses mainstream attention. Only those immersed in this specific "technical skier culture" (otherwise known as Harb Kool-Aid Drinkers) recognize its significance. It's not about bragging of one's expertise or status to the world; it's about discreet recognition and mutual understanding.


The Racer...!


Even though it may not exactly be World Cup racing technique, we call this design the "RACER" anyway.

That's because it attempts to display the exhilaration of "go-fast" downhill skiing!


These are not printed emblems.  All shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats on this site are embroidered with their respective emblems.  This means they'll last a lifetime with no fading.  Plus, embroidering always up-level garments to a little more sophistication and "class!"  Yes, perhaps we are ski snobs!!!