Hang Out with Good Skiers

Many of us, today, learn a lot about skiing and related equipment, apparel and other miscellaneous info but participating on blogs, websites and forums. For those of you who want to lurk around some of the best carving and most up-to-date ski technique, then go here.  PMTS Forum.

Listen, this is not a politically correct forum.  It is NOT “Mamby-Pamby Land.”  It’s the real deal. At this forum, you can post video and get absolute expert analysis of how your body is moving in relation to creating a turn.  You’ll get true feedback.  And, if you’re doing things correctly, you’ll get validation. (Almost no one is moving 100% correctly – so expect a bit of both critique and validation).

I’ve been to most the ski forums.   Most are misleading or intended for extreme, fringe skiers.  They simply are not for regular “Joe” skiers, like me…. and possibly you.

Enjoy the conversation….  PMTS Forum.

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