This is the site for Performance Skiers.

It’s also the place to learn about efficient, bio-mechanically correct movements to achieve your full potential as a performance skier… regardless of age or current ability.

It’s called PMTS (Primary Movements Teaching System) developed by Harald Harb (Harb Ski Systems).

If you are a recreational skier looking to put a little more excitement into your skiing… as well as avoiding aching muscles and potential injury… then, this is the place.  It’s up-to-date, modern ski technique specifically developed to take advantage of the latest ski technology and design.

Convenience Vs. Quality

Most ski enthusiasts don’t realize there is a fast track to high level skiing.  Instead, they get stuck with whatever type of ski instruction is available at whatever ski resort they visit.

For many skiers convenience is more important than the quality of instruction. However, for true skiing enthusiasts who seek to improve their skills, the hodge-podge of traditional ski instruction is a nightmare of confusion and conflicting advice.

Traditional Ski Instruction

Simply stated, traditional ski instruction hasn’t progressed.  Despite advancements in materials, equipment and understanding of biomechanics, most ski instruction is the same today as it was 50 years ago.  Want proof?  The wedge or snowplow.  It is still the starting point for most ski instruction.   There’s no need for it other than maneuvering in a lift line.

Here’s more proof.  Most traditional ski instructors still teach the stem christy as well as an “up” move to un-weight the skis between turns.  All of these are known as “dead-end” moves.  They will eventually be abandoned.

Today’s modern PMTS ski instruction emphasizes “direct-to-parallel” right from the start.  There are no dead-end moves.  No need to abandon anything.

Movement Patterns

Think about this.  When you learn a new sport (tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, water skiing, riding a bike), you learn specific movement patterns.  These same movement patterns are further developed, reinforced and refined over time until they are literally built-in to your subconscious.

But for some reason, traditional ski instructors, even to this day, teach new skiers all kinds of “dead-end” moves that actually impede their progress.  And, to make it even worse, skiers who truly want to excel must “unlearn” these dead-end movements and erase them from their muscle memory.  It could take years!

 The Difference

So therein lies the difference between TTS (traditional teaching systems) and PMTS.

  • Where TTS teaches unnecessary movement patterns that must later be unlearned and abandoned, PMTS teaches movements that you will build upon, reinforce and refine, forever.
  • Where TTS does not leverage today’s modern ski design, PMTS takes full advantage of modern skis especially as it relates to control, carving and racing.
  • Where TTS continues to teach unnecessary movements, PMTS is bio-mechanically sound in its approach to “efficiency” of movement resulting in decreased muscle fatigue and potential injury.
  • Where TTS tends to be inconsistent from ski area to ski area, PMTS is a precisely defined, step-by-step system with specific protocol ranging from beginner to advanced expert and racer.

I hope you’ll spend some time browsing around this website.  You’ll not only find links to PMTS and Harb Ski Systems, but also to the absolute best resources to help take you to the highest levels of skiing — or as far a you want to take it.