7 Secrets to Comfortable Ski Boots

If you’re a skier¬† — and willing to take just 15-minutes out of your busy day to view this video… you’ll pick up way more than 7 Secrets (we just thought it a catchy title). You’ll possibly change your entire skiing experience once you gain these “insider” secrets to comfortable ski boots.¬† Everything from sock […]

My Ultimate Dryland Set-Up

If you’re looking for the ultimate dryland ski simulator for performance skiing or racing, then, I believe this set-up is the answer. Harb Carvers Dodge Boots I just broke out my Harb Carvers for the first time this season. (I know, it’s a late start!) Then, out on to the street. I noticed within 4 […]

What We Can Learn From Racing

Much of the modern ski technique — most especially ski carving — is derived from World Cup ski racing. It’s similar in the way that automotive companies learn what works from the extremes of the race track. That knowledge is passed down to consumer vehicles in order to make them more reliable and technically advanced. […]